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Zikula is a content management system (CMS) and application framework. It is secure and stable, and is a good choice for sites with a large volume of traffic.

With Zikula:

  • you can customise all aspects of the site's appearance through themes, with support for CSS style sheets, JavaScript, Flash and all other modern web development technologies;
  • you can mark content as being suitable for either a single language or for all languages, and can control all aspects of localisation and internationalisation of your site;
  • you can be sure that your pages will display properly in all browsers, thanks to Zikula's full compliance with W3C HTML standards;
  • you get a standard application-programming interface (API) that lets you easily augment your site's functionality through modules, blocks and other extensions;
  • you can get help and support from the Zikula community of webmasters and developers at

Enjoy using Zikula!

The Zikula team

Note: Zikula is Free Open Source Software (FOSS) licensed under the GNU General Public License.